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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 21 (2001)



Abbasov N.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
A theorem on the oscillation of solutions of nonuniformly degenerate parabolic equations of second order [PDF]
Akhundov A.Ya.
Abstract [PDF]
On one inverse problem for a semi-linear equation of parabolic type. [PDF]
Aliev A,B., Ahmedova Zh.B.
Abstract [PDF]
Global solutions of non-linear fourth order hyperbolic inequalities [PDF]
Aliguliyev R.M.
Abstract [PDF]
A Phragmen-Lindeloftype theorem for a non-divergent structure linear elliptic equation of the second order [PDF]
Amanov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The generalized solvability of the Dirichlet problem for non-uniformly
degenerating elliptic equations of the second order [PDF]
Amirov R.Kh., Cakmak Y.
Abstract [PDF]
Trace formula for the Sturm-Liouville operator with singularity at x = 0 [PDF]
Guseinov R.V.
Abstract [PDF]
Theorem onfiniteness of negative spectrum ofquasielliptic operator. [PDF]
Aslanov G,I.
Abstract [PDF]
Partial operator-differential equations in spaces of type S [PDF]
Bairamov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On connections between function clones and varieties of algebras. [PDF]
Guliyev V.S., Mustafayev R.Ch.
Abstract [PDF]
On generalized fractional integrals. [PDF]
Ibikli E.
Abstract [PDF]
Approximation of Bore! derivatives of functions by singular integrals. [PDF]
Iskenderov N.Sh., Jabbarova K.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The scattering problem for a hyperbolic system of five first order equations on semi-axis with two given incident wave. [PDF]
Jafarov N.J.
Abstract [PDF]
Unique strong solvability of the first boundary value problem for parabolic Gilbarg-Serrin equation in the paraboloid type domains. [PDF]
Mamedov F.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Poincare type weight inequalities in domains with an isoperimeiric type condition. [PDF]
Mamedov I.T., Salmanova Sh.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
The A.D. Aleksandrov type inequality for a class of second order equations with non-negative characteristic form. [PDF]
Najafov Kh. M.
Abstract [PDF]
On one general boundary value problem with displacement for one second order hyperbolic equation [PDF]
Salmanova Sh.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
The apriori estimate of Holder’s norm of solutions of degenerate elliptico-parabolic equations of the second order [PDF]
Soltanov K.N., Fayziyev A.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On the complexity characteristics of some problems [PDF]
Suleymanov S.E., Mamedova Sh.D.
Abstract [PDF]
Limiting absorption principle for the Helmholtz equation in a many-
dimensional layer with a general boundary condition [PDF]
Vahabov N.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Localization of spectrum and its applications. III Numerical range and spectrum of operator-functions [PDF]
Abbasova L.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Propagation of the failure front in the damaged round thick pipe subjected to temperature [PDF]
Amiraslanov I.A., Abdullayeva L.A., Amiraslanova N.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Development of canal in a packed layer [PDF]
Kazimova R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Torsion of visco-elastic prismatic pivots in geometric and physical non-linear statement [PDF]
Mutallimov Sh.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On normal impact on flexible elastic filament [PDF]
Rzayev O.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Buckling around the two collinear macro-cracks in the clamped composite plate-strip [PDF]
Talybly L.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
On the equation of fatigue wear at external friction taking into account the influence of loading history [PDF]
Veliev A.A..
Abstract [PDF]
The approximation of solution of the stationary problem of saline fingers at high supercriticality [PDF]
Yusifov M.O.
Abstract [PDF]
On non-linear longitudinal vibration of rectilinear pile [PDF]
Gasanov K.K., Guseynova Kh.T.
Abstract [PDF]
The necessary conditions of optimality in the problem for one class systems of partial differential equations of the first order with ordinary and generalized controls [PDF]
Guliyev I.K.
Abstract [PDF]
On fatigue wear of elastico-plastic plate at pulsing temperature action [PDF]
Kurbanov I.A., Mekhtiyeva G.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
On two approximated methods for solution of one boundary value problem for a differential equation of the fourth order [PDF]
Melikov A.Z., Fattahova M.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Performance analysis and optimization of buffer allocation strategies: a state space merging approach [PDF]
Tagiyev R.K.
Abstract [PDF]
On the optimal control problem by coefficients of a hyperbolic equation [PDF]