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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 19 (1999)


Gadjiev A.D., Mamedov I.T.
Faramaz Gazanfar oglu Maksudov (for the 7(fh anniversary) [PDF]
Magsudov F.G.
Fundamental results and development perspectives of mathematics and mechanics in Azerbaijan [PDF]
Abbasova Kh.E., Pashayev R.T.
Abstract [PDF]
The investigation of the strongly generalized solution of an one-dimensional mixed problem for a class of pofylinear differential equations in robot-technique .II. [PDF]
Babaev A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Equality of canonical morphisms in biclosedcategories. [PDF]
Gadjiev A.D.
Abstract [PDF]
On uniform approximation byBleimann, Butzer andHahn operators on all positive semiaxis [PDF]
Gasimov Z.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Inverse singular periodic problem ofSturm-Liouville [PDF]
Guliev V.S., Narimanov A.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
On the Up – boundedmss of the anisotropic Fourier- Bessel singular
integrals [PDF]
Guseinov LM.
Abstract [PDF]
On the representation of lost solutions for Dime’s equation system
with disconnected coefficients [PDF]
Guseinov R.V.
Abstract [PDF]
Theorem onfiniteness of negative spectrum ofquasielliptic operator. [PDF]
Iskenderov B.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On behaviour of solution of the initial-boundary value problem for
the Sobolev equation in cylindrical domain at t-ъ -№> [PDF]
Iskenderov N.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Description of the scattering data for the hyperbolic system of three
equations on the semi-axis. [PDF]
Ismailov МЛ.
Abstract [PDF]
The inverse поп-stationary scattering problem for the symmetric
hyperbolic systems on the semi-axis. [PDF]
Jabrailov M.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On Besov space of vector-valued functions. [PDF]
Karaev M.T.
Abstract [PDF]
Expectation operators, reducing subspaces and cyclic sets. [PDF]
Mamedov I.T., Guseynov S.T.
Abstract [PDF]
Behavior in unbounded domains of solution of degenerate elliptic
equations of the second order in divergence form. [PDF]
Mamedov Yu.A., Rzayev M.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
On solvability of one degenerated system of singular integral
equations. [PDF]
Miizoev S.S., Guseinov M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On solvability of operator- differential equations in the spaces of smooth vector-Junctions. [PDF]
Musaev K.M., Gasanova T.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
The boundary value problem in the class of generalized analytic Junctions-jump problem [PDF]
Namazov G.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Definition of the unknown coefficient of a parabolic equation with nonlocal boundary and complementary conditions [PDF]
Rzayev R.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On some maximal functions, measuring smoothness, and metric characteristics Soltanov K.N. Some imbedding theorems and nonlinear differential equations [PDF]
Soltanov K. N.
Abstract [PDF]
Some imbedding theorems and nonlinear differential equations [PDF]
Agalarov D.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of the wave deformations in the nets [PDF]
Akbarov S.D., Soltanova S.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On determination of stress condition in the infinite anisotrop body
containing two neighbouring periodically curved fibers [PDF]
Akhundov M.B.
Abstract [PDF]
The strength criterion of the ortogonal armoured composite material [PDF]
Ali-zadeh A.N.
Abstract [PDF]
On the application of compulsion measures to elasticity theory problems [PDF]
Gurbanov R.S., Abdmov E.T.
Abstract [PDF]
On unification ofrheological and hydraulic calculations [PDF]
Mamedov I.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Direct and inverse problems of big deformations of threads under
normal loading [PDF]
Mehdiyev M.F., Fomina N.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Asymptatics of the natural frequencies of ossilations of the transtrop
hollow cylinder [PDF]
Talybly L.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
On description of the multistage processes of failure of the
hereditarily elastic bodies [PDF]
Aliev T.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The theory of robust system analysis of seismic signals [PDF]
Panakhov G.M., Mirzajanov R.R.
Abstract [PDF]
Electrokinetic effects in porous media as charge interaction display [PDF]
Suleimanov В -А.
Abstract [PDF]
The slippage effect by the filtration of Gassy non-newtonian fluid [PDF]