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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 20 (2000)


Aliev A.B., Namazov I.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Global solvability of the mixed problem for quasilinear hyperbolic
equation of the fourth order with integral non-linearity. [PDF]
Aslanov G.1.5 Eyvazov E.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On the existence andasymptotics of the solutions of Neumann’s
problem for Poisson equation in the layer type multivariate domains. [PDF]
Babaev M.-B.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Exact annihilators and their applications in approximation theory [PDF]
Fainshtein A. S.
Abstract [PDF]
On the Fredholm index of the Koszul complex for modules over nilpotent Lie algebras [PDF]
Gabib-Zade A.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Loaded singular equations with two operators [PDF]
Hajiyev A.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Mathematical models of stochastic systems with the recurent service [PDF]
Hajiyev T.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On the behavior of the solution of a nonlinear non-uniformly elliptic equation in non-smooth domain. [PDF]
Iskenderova M.B.
Abstract [PDF]
On the existing of the problem classes with non-summable expansions by the eigen functions [PDF]
Kalantarov V.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Global solution of coupled Kuramoto-Sivashinsky and Ginzburg-Landau equations. [PDF]
Khanmamedov A.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
Stabilization of solutions for a semi-linear wave equation. [PDF]
Mamedkhanov D.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Globally local approximation on arcs. [PDF]
Mamedov I.T., Guliev A.F.
Abstract [PDF]
On the boundary behaviour of solutions of the second order parabolic equations with discontinuous coefficients. [PDF]
Melikov Т.К.
Abstract [PDF]
Necessary conditions for high-order optimality in systems with delay. [PDF]
Novruzov A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On the maximum principle for elliptic equations of the second order with non-negative characteristic form. [PDF]
Rzayev M.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
Indices of solvable systems of singular integral equations. [PDF]
Quliyev C.X.
Abstract [PDF]
Classical solvability of the first boundary value problem for Gilbarg-Serrin equation [PDF]
Sadygov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On the second-order subdijferential of convex functions. [PDF]
Amenzadeh R.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
Buckling of the multi-layer ring at creeping taking into account the
instant non-linear-elastic deformation [PDF]
Gasanov G.T.
Abstract [PDF]
The acoustic method of investigation of rheologic properties of fluids [PDF]
Kasumov A.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Solution of the space elastic-plastic problem on the stress-strain
condition in the body with the spheric space [PDF]
Kazimova R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Geometrical non-linear torsion of the elliptic bar fabricated from
the viscoelastic material [PDF]
Kuiiev G.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Non-classic mechanical-mathematical models of geodynamics [PDF]
Latifov F.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Reaction of the cylindrical shell at the dynamic interaction with the
medium [PDF]
Mirsafimov V.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Solution of the plane problems of the non-homogeneous theory of
elasticity for the finite area slackened by the cracks [PDF]
Zamanov A.D.
Abstract [PDF]
Natural oscillations of the rigidly fixed rectangular plate fabricated
from the composite material with the local curved structures [PDF]
Alguliyev R.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Architectural bases of authorized access security to the corporative networks [PDF]
Bagirov M.K,, Mamedov G.A., Nasrullaev I.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The calculation method of oil-production constructions in the sea shelf for the seismic actions [PDF]

Jaliiov G.N., Kerimov Z.A., Mirzoyeva DR.
Abstract [PDF]
Direct and inverse problems of relaxational filtration [PDF]



Namgaladze D.P., Natsvlishvili G.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Determination of propagation velocity of wave in threecomponent rising flow with bubble regime condition [PDF]



Ramazanov Т.К., Atayev G.N.
Abstract [PDF]
Determination of the parameters of the delatonsion-plastic seam around the acting borehole and the problem on the carrying out of the sand [PDF]



Sadigov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Potential method in solution of multivariate problems of two-phase
filtration in heterogeneous formations [PDF]



Gasymov Mirabbas Geogja oglu [PDF]



Allahverdiyev Jalal Eyvaz oglu [PDF]



Aliyev Akbar Bayram oglu [PDF]



Mamedov Yusif Abulfat oglu [PDF]


Soltanov Kamal “Nasir oglu [PDF]