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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 23 (2003)
Abdullayev F.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On one structural property of a double singular integral with a Hilbert kernel [PDF]
Allahverdiyeva J.J.
Abstract [PDF]
Maximum principle for one problem of stochastic optimal control with variable delay. [PDF]
Babaycv A.M-B.
Abstract [PDF]
On estimation of the best approximation by bilinear forms in space with mixed norm.[PDF]
Bilalov B.T., Karakash M.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
The Hausdorff- Young type theorem for one system of exponents [PDF]
Gadjiev T.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On the behavior of solutions of mixed boundary-value problems for nonlinear elliptic equations [PDF]
Hajibayov M.G.
Abstract [PDF]
On the capacity of the set of totally non-differentiability of anisotropic Riesz potentials [PDF]
Hajiev V.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On application of Fourier-Wiener transform to the local limit theorem
in a Hilbert space [PDF]
Heydarov A.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On spectrum of three-dimensional bihormonic operator with point interactions [PDF]
Guseynov F.B., Iskenderov B.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On the mixed problem for Barenblatt-Jeltov-Kochina equation in the cylindrical domain by the space variables [PDF]
Humbataliyev R.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
On m-fold completeness of eigen and adjoint vectors of a class of polynomial operator bundles of a higher order [PDF]
Huseynova A.T.
Abstract [PDF]
Asymptotics of solution of an initial value problem for a system of singularly perturbed linear integro-differential equations of Fredholm type. [PDF]
Mezhlumbekova V.F.
Abstract [PDF]
The system of negationless calculus of predicates with “meaningfulness” operator. [PDF]
Mirzoev V.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Stone- Weierstrass approximation theorem for piecewise continuous functions. [PDF]
Musaev H.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Coercive properties of anisotropic differential-operator equations. [PDF]
Najafov A.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Interpolation theorem of Besov-Morrey type spaces and some its applications [PDF]
Ilyasov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
To the M.Riesz theorem on absolute convergence of the trigonometric Fourier series (the second report) [PDF]
Ragimov F.G.
Abstract [PDF]
The local limit theorem for one class of first passage moments in multidimensional random walk [PDF]
Salimov A.A., Mammadov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Affinor structures on a manifold with pure Riemann metric [PDF]
Salmanov V.F.
Abstract [PDF]
On biorthogonality of two systems of functions [PDF]
Salmanov Yu.D.
Abstract [PDF]
On smoothness of generalized solution of elliptic equations with
non-linear part. [PDF]
Tagi-zade A.T., Fayziev A.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Complexity and entropy of countable amenabel groups action. [PDF]
Amiraslanov I.A., Amiraslanova N.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Axiallysymmetric problem on a cylindrical gryphon [PDF]
 Afet O. Afandiyeva
Gunbataliyev E.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
Corrosion cracking of ring sector at pure curve [PDF]

Mekhtiyev A.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Bulging-in of a rigid title block in anisotropic half-plane with a rigid elliptical core for want of friction under a title block [PDF]
Yusifov M.O.
Abstract [PDF]
Parametric vibrations of nonlinear-viscoelastic rod [PDF]
Zeynalova T.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
Bending of rectangle anisotropic plate with local curved structures [PDF]
Aliyev Ya.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Numerical method for calculation of dynamical processes in boring
electric driver with distributed parameters allowing for bit jumping losses [PDF]

Ayda-zadeh K.R., Abdullayev V.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Numerical solution of linear loaded systems of ordinary differential
equations with multi-pointed non-separat boundary conditions [PDF]




Ibadova I.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Mathematical models of movement of two particles on the ring [PDF]



Tagiyev R.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Optimal control by the coefficients of a parabolic equation [PDF]