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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 24 (2004)
Abbasov A.Sh
Abstract [PDF]
Conditions of correct solvability of a boundary value problem
for one class of third order operator-differential equation [PDF]
Abdullayev S.K., Agarzayev B.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Holder weight estimates of singular integrals generated by generalized shift operator [PDF]
Akhmedov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The imbedding theorem for a class of weight anisotropic preudonormed spaces[PDF]
Aliev A.B., Suleymanov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
A mixed problem for some classes quasiiinear equation with Sobolev type[PDF]
Aliyev A.R.
Abstract [PDF]
To the theory of solvability of the second order operator – differential equations with discontinuous coefficients [PDF]
Aliyev F.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Summability of series on root functions in boundary value problems[PDF]
Aliyev V.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On completeness of elementary solutions of the fourth order homogenous operator-differential equations of the elliptic type [PDF]
Aliyev S.A., Gasratova M.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Modeling of Bellman-Harris branching processes[PDF]
Aslanov G.I., Rahimov N.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
On Green function and distribution of eigenvalues of the second order partial operator- differential equations of elliptic type in half-space [PDF]
Aslanova N.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Integral generalization of the second order matrix differential equation[PDF]
Babaev M-B.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Determination of extremals on the boundary of domain[PDF]
Guliyev A.F., Hassanpour A.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On uniqueness of strong solution of Dirichlet problem for second order quQsilinear elliptic equation [PDF]
Gulmamedov V.Ya.
Abstract [PDF]
On regular solvability of one initial-boundary value problem for third order operator-differential equations [PDF]
Huseynov H.M., Latifova A.R.
Abstract [PDF]
On eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of one class of dirac operators
with discontinuous coefficients [PDF]
Ilyasov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
To the M, Riesz theorem on absolute convergence of the trigonometric Fourier series ldots [PDF]
Iskenderov B.A., Mamedova A.J.
Abstract [PDF]
Mixed problem for Boussinesq equation in the bounded domain and
behaviour of its solution as t —t +oo [PDF]
Iskenderov N.Sh., Namazov F.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The scattering problem for hyperbolic system of n equations of the
first order on a semi-axis with the n — 1 same velocities [PDF]
Jabrailova A.N.
Abstract [PDF]
On M. V.Keldysh multiple completeness of a system of root vectors
of the higher order operator bundle [PDF]
Kamali M., Salimov A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Horizontal lifts of affinor fields to the tensor bundle[PDF]
Khalilov E.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On approximate solution of one class of boundary integral equations[PDF]
Kurbanov V.M., Safarov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On uniform convergence of orthogonal expansions in eigenfunctions
of Sturm-Liouville operator [PDF]
Mirzoyev R.J.
Abstract [PDF]
On internal and external hemming indices of k-valued clones II[PDF]
Mirzoyev S.S., Jafarov I.J.
Abstract [PDF]
On solvability of one boundary-value problem for the second
order operator-differential equation [PDF]
Sadygov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On extremum conditions in problems of mathematical programming[PDF]
Yusifov M.R.
Abstract [PDF]
On correct solvability of a linear nonlocal problem of general form
for a class of third order hyperbolic equations [PDF]
Agalarov D.H., Mamedov Sh.A., Imamaliyeva D.N.
Abstract [PDF]
To the problem of wave propagation in elastic medium at movement of cylinder foundation [PDF]
Guliyev N.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
Stability of elastic rod with variable modulus of elasticity
situated on non-homogeneous base [PDF]
Ismailov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Influence of viscoelastic properties of pipes material on transmission of waves of pressure disturbance at movement of nonequilibrium gases [PDF]
Latifov F.S., Seyfullayev F.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Asymptotic analysis of oscollation eigenfrequency of ortotropic
cylindrical shells in infinite elastic medium filled with liquid [PDF]
Rassoulova N.B.
Abstract [PDF]
On one problem of dynamics of rectangular prism[PDF]
Gafarov I.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On one modeling algorithm of random moving of particles along a ring without overtaking [PDF]
Ibrahimov V.R.
Abstract [PDF]
The forward jumping methods[PDF]
Melikov T.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Necessary optimality conditions of quasi-singular controls in
Goursat-Darboux systems [PDF]