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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 30 (2010)



Ahmedova A.R.
Abstract PDF
Construction of transformation operator with condition at innity for stark’s equation [PDF]
Aliev A.B., Mammadzada K.S., Hasani Lichaei Bijan.
Abstract [PDF]
Existence of a global weak solution of the Cauchy problem for systems of semilinear hyperbolic equations [PDF]
Aliev S.A., Abdurakhmanov V.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Limit theorems for the rst passage time for the level by nonlinear function of Markov chain [PDF]
Arazm M.-R.I. , Mamedova V.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On removable sets of solutions of elliptic equations [PDF]
Balayev M.K., Yakubov S.Ya.
Abstract [PDF]
Coercive solvability of quadratic operator and differential pencils by spectral parameter [PDF]
Bilalov B.T., Sadigova S.R.
Abstract [PDF]
On perturbations of Banach spaces bases [PDF]
Guliyev E.V., Aliyev S.S.
Abstract [PDF]
A priori Morrey estimates for Poisson equation [PDF]
Hashimova T.E.
Abstract [PDF]
On niteness of the moments of the rst passage time of one-sided nonlinear boundary by a random walk [PDF]
Heydarov A.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Spectral analysis of one-dimensional biharmonic operator with δ” potential [PDF]
Huseynov R.V., Amanov R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On strong solvability of Dirichlet problem for non-uniformly degenerate elliptic equations of second order [PDF]
Ilyasov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Estimations of the smoothness modules of derivatives of convolution of two periodic functions by means of their best approximations in Lp (T). [PDF]
Isayeva S.E.
Abstract [PDF]
The initial-boundary value problem for one semilinear hyperbolic equation with memory operator [PDF]
Ismaylova A.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Estimations for root fucntions of Dirac operator [PDF]
Djalilov K.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On the solution of a fractional derivative boundary value problem [PDF]
Mamedova Z.V.
Abstract [PDF]
On approximate properties of systems in Banach spaces [PDF]
Mammadov T.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Accumulation processes connected with waiting time of customers in multiterminal queuing systems [PDF]
Mammadov Ya.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
On the boundedness of the maximal operator in Morrey spaces associated with the Dunkl operator on the real line [PDF]
Panat O.T., Buhrii O.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Some properties of the solutions to the hyperbolic equations with variable exponents of nonlinearity [PDF]
Rahimov F.H., Azizov F.Dj.
Abstract [PDF]
On the rst passage time of one-sided nonlinear boundary by the trajectory of Markov chain [PDF]
Rzayev R.M., Aliyeva L.R.
Abstract [PDF]
Mean oscillation, Φ-oscillation and harmonic oscillation [PDF]
Sadykhova N.R.
Abstract [PDF]
On behavior of solutions of higner order degenerate elliptic equations [PDF]
Shahbazov A.I., Seyidov D.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Closed range and compact weighted composition operators on uniform algebras [PDF]




Kazimova R.A., Baghirov E.T.
Abstract [PDF]
On one formula of corrosive strength of metals under non-stationary change of temperature [PDF]
Mutallimov K.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Impact by a rough blunt wedge on an elastic lament with regard to its failure under subsonic condition [PDF]
Rustamov B.E.
Abstract [PDF]
Local failure of burning body involving volume forces [PDF]
Zolgharnein E.
Abstract [PDF]
A problem on crack nucleation under inner compression of cylindrical bodies [PDF]




Mustafayeva T.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Minimal energy controllability problem for string’s vibration equation [PDF]
Najafov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
A flutter of a plate arranged on wedge cheek [PDF]
Salmanova G.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Non-axisymmetric oscillations of ideal liquid in elastic moment shell [PDF]
Sharifov Ya.A., Djabrailov Sh.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Singular controls in the sense of Pontryagin’s maximum principle for controlled systems with three-point boundary conditions [PDF]