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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 22 (2002)
Abasov R.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
The approximation by algebraic polynomials of solutions of one boundary value problem with a parameter [PDF]
Abdullayev S.K.
Abstract [PDF]
On Fredholm property of matrix singular integral operators in the Holder spaces with the weight degenerated on submanifold of smaller dimension. [PDF]
Aliyev B.A., Jabrailova E.M.
Abstract [PDF]
The asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of one boundary value problem for a differential-operator equation of the second order with discontinuous coefficient [PDF]
Amirov R.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
Direct and inverse problems or differential operators with singularity and discontinuity conditions inside the interval [PDF]
Amirova L.I.
Abstract [PDF]
On one disturbances theory problem for boundary value problems of operator-differentials equations of the second order [PDF]
Bilalov B.T.
Abstract [PDF]
Bases in Lp from exponents, cosines and sines [PDF]
Amin Brendji A., Shahryari M.
Abstract [PDF]
On the stabilizer of certain decomposable symmetrized tensors [PDF]
Sevgi Esen.
Abstract [PDF]
Approximation of functions by the family of integral operators with
positive kernels [PDF]
Garayev A.P.
Abstract [PDF]
The inverse scattering problem for a system of first order differential
equations on a semi-axis [PDF]
Gasymov TB.
Abstract [PDF]
On basisness of eigen-functions of discontinuous second order differential operator [PDF]
Guliyev A.D. , Mamedov F.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Weighted imbedding theorems for anisotropic Sobolev spaces. [PDF]
Gumbataliyev RZ.
Abstract [PDF]
On the existence of generalized solutions of one class operator-differential equations of the fourth order on the whole axis [PDF]
Guseynov S.T.
Abstract [PDF]
A Harnack inequality for solutions of second order non-uniformly degenerate parabolic equations. [PDF]
Huseynov HM.
Abstract [PDF]
To the theory of inverse scattering problems on the line. [PDF]
Jabbarzadeh M.R., Shahbazov A.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Weighted composition operators on C0(X,E). [PDF]
Jafarov S.Z.,J?Iahin}KepaH.
Abstract [PDF]
On local approximation of functions by harmonic polynomials [PDF]
Khudaverdiyev K.I., Azizbekov E.I..
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of generalized solution of one non selfadjoint one-
dimensional mixed problem for a class of semi-linear pseudo-hyperbolic equations of the fourth order [PDF]
Mamedov I.T., Agayeva R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The first boundary value problem for non-divergent linear second order elliptic equations of Cordes type [PDF]
Sadikhova F.S..
Abstract [PDF]
On a question of existence in approximation by mixed bilinear forms [PDF]
Abbasova L.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Buckling of non-uniformly heated damaging rod [PDF]
Akhundov M.B., Piriyev S.A.
Abstract [PDF]
The dispersed failure of a laminated heavy half-plane with a circular
aperture [PDF]
Gasanova P.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Time modelling of destruction process of hereditarily elastic plate with circular hole at uniaxial tension [PDF]
Gyulmamedov M.Kh.
Abstract [PDF]
Forced vibrations of a spherical shell under mixed boundary conditions on its face [PDF]
Kiyasbeyli E.T.
Abstract [PDF]
Buckling of multilayer non- linearly- elastic rods [PDF]
Mekhtiyev M.F., Guseynov F.S.
Abstract [PDF]
The construction of homogeneous solutions for transversally-isotropic hollow sphere [PDF]
Mutallimov Sh.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On transverse impact on the flexible filament [PDF]
Rzayev O.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Buckling around the penny-shaped interface crack [PDF]
Yusifov M.O.
Abstract [PDF]
Determination of a critical loading at longitudinal vibration of a pile in the resisting medium [PDF]
Applied Problems Of Mathematics And Mechanics
Gasanov H.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Heat transfer in a boundary layer of liquid in a cylindrical pipe [PDF]
Gasanov R.A., Abbasov S.G., Akperova M.B., Mejidov N.A..
Abstract [PDF]
On decision in games of strategy made for an efficient arrangement of well-boring locations for oil and gas [PDF]
Jafarov A.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Delayed fracture of thick tube contacting with the pliable medium [PDF]