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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 26 (2006)
Aliyev Z.S.
Abstract [PDF]
The basic properties in the space L2 of the systems
of root functions on a fourth order spectral problem [PDF]
Alieva L.R.
Abstract [PDF]
Some local properties of singular integral in terms of mean oscillation [PDF]
Aliev S.A., Yelejko Ya.J., Zabolotskyy T.N.
Abstract [PDF]
Asymptotic behavior of the countable dimensional renewal function[PDF]
Aslanova N.M.
Abstract [PDF]
n-th regularized trace of differential operator equation[PDF]
Babayev A. M.-B.
Abstract [PDF]
Finding the best approximation order by the quasipolynomials in a mixed norm space [PDF]
Balaev M.K.
Abstract [PDF]
Solvability of Cauchy problem for quasilinear
evolution equations of parabolic type [PDF]
Bandaliev R.A., Abbasova M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On an inequality and p(x)-mean continuity in the
variable Lebesgue space with mixed norm [PDF]
Bilalov B.T.
Abstract [PDF]
On close bases from subspaces[PDF]
Gasanov R.G.
Abstract [PDF]
On intrinsic compactness properties of generalized solutions
of a fourth order operator-differential equation on the segment [PDF]
Guliev E.V.
Abstract [PDF]
Weighted inequality for some sublinear operators in Lebesgue spaces, associated with the Laplace-Bessel differential operators [PDF]
Humbataliyev R.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
On the existence of regular solutions of a boundary value problem for a class of higher order operator-differential equations in weight space [PDF]
Huseynova E.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On behaviour of solution of Cauchy’s problem for one correct by Petrovsky equation at large time values [PDF]
Ismailov M.I.
Abstract [PDF]
On spectral representation and operator calculation of a class of operators in Banach space [PDF]
Mehraliyev Ya.T., Aliyev S.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
On a boundary value problem for oscillation
equation in stratified liquid [PDF]
Sabzaliyev M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On asymptotics of solution of the boundary value problem
for singularly perturbed nonlinear parabolic equation
with corner parabolic boundary layer [PDF]
Salimova G.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Solution of a nonlocal boundary value problem
for a fourth order partial differential equation [PDF]



Khanbabaeva M.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Calculations of dilatantional plastic failures around running well [PDF]
Najafov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Geometrically nonlinear aeroelastic vibrations and stability of a cylindrical she [PDF]
Talybly L.Kh., Mamedova M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Torsion of prismatic physically linearly viscoelastic body of arbitrary cross-section [PDF]




Gadjiev A.G., Ibadova I.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Mathematical models of transport systems without overtaking[PDF]
Mehdiyeva G.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
Numerical method of solution of nonlocal boundary value problems for linear system of differential equations [PDF]
Molaei H.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Gradient in optimal control problem with non-local boundary conditions [PDF]