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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 30 (2010)
Aliev B.A.
Abstract PDF
Solvability of a boundary value problem for a second order elliptic-differential operator equation with spectral parameter in the equation and boundary conditions [PDF]
Aliyev S.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Weighted Morrey a priori estimates for Poisson equation [PDF]
Babayeva S.F.
Abstract [PDF]
On regular solvability of a boundary value problem with operator boundary condition [PDF]
Bagirov Sh.G.
Abstract [PDF]
On asymptotic properties of solutions to nonlinear elliptic equation [PDF]
Bandaliev R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On a two-weight criterion for Hardy type operator in weighted variable Lebesgue spaces with measures [PDF]
Garayev T.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
“Kadets (1=4) – theorem” and multipliers of type (p; p) [PDF]
Huseynov H.M., Jamshidipour A.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On Jost solutions of Sturm-Liouville equations with spectral parameter in discontinuity condition [PDF]
Ibadova I.A.
Abstract [PDF]
A model of motion of two interacting particles [PDF]
Ilyasov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Estimations of the smoothness modules of convolution of two periodic functions by means of their best approximations in Lp(T) (the case of different metrics) [PDF]
Ismailov Z., Erol M.
Abstract [PDF]
The spectrum structure of normal operators [PDF]
Kuliyev H.F., Jabbarova K.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Optimal control problem with control at the high coeffcients for the nonlinear hyperbolic equation without uniqueness theorem of solution of initial-boundary value problem [PDF]
Manafov M.Dzh.
Abstract [PDF]
On floquet solutions for periodic “weight” equation with distributions [PDF]
Mansimov K.B., Amirova R.R.
Abstract [PDF]
Necessary oprimality contions in a control problem described by a system of Volterra type two-diemnsional diffrence eqautions [PDF]
Mukhtarov F.Sh., Mukhtarov O.Sh., Kadakal M.
Abstract [PDF]
Fold completeness for discontinuous boundary value problem with spectral parameter in the boundary and transmissions condition [PDF]
Muradov T.R., Farahani S.
Abstract [PDF]
On basisity of some perturbed system of exponents in Lp [PDF]
Najafov T.I.
Abstract [PDF]
nz-plane, nz-analytic functions [PDF]
Parolya N.R., Yeleyko Y.I.
Abstract [PDF]
Killed Markov decision processes on finite time interval for countable models [PDF]
Pashayev N.J.
Abstract [PDF]
On an inverse problem for a reaction-diffusion type system [PDF]
Sabzaliyev M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On asymptotics of solution to a boundary value problem for a quasilinear hyperbolic equation in an infinite strip [PDF]
Yusufov V.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Semigroups of homeomorphisms and dimension [PDF]