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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 28 (2008)



Aliev S.A., Yeleyko Y.I., Zhernovyi Y.V.
Abstract PDF
Stationary characteristics of the single-server closed Queueing systems without interruptions and with the opportunity of interruption of service [PDF]
Aliyev Z.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Some spectral properties of a fourth order differential operator with spectral parameter in boundary condition[PDF]
Aslanov H.I., Mammadov M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Completeness of elementary solutions of differential-operator equations [PDF]
Balayev M.K.
Abstract [PDF]
On non-local solvability of non-linear differential operator equations of parabolic type in Banach space [PDF]
Bilalov B.T., Guseynov Z.G.
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of resolvent of operator-differential equations on semi-axis [PDF]
Gasymov A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On solvability of a class of fourth order complicated characteristic operator-differential equations [PDF]
Huseynli A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Some properties of defect bases and bases of subspaces [PDF]
Huseynov H.M., Latifova A.R.
Abstract [PDF]
The main equation for the system of Dirac equations with discontinuity conditions interior to interval [PDF]
Ibadov E.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
On distribution of eigenvalues of a second order discontinuous differential operator [PDF]
Mamedov A.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On solvability of a boundary value problem for a class of third order operator-differential equations with disconnected coeffcients [PDF]
Salimova G.A.
Abstract [PDF]
An inverse boundary value problem for a fourth order evolutionary equation arising in hydroacoustics of stratified liquid [PDF]




Akhundov M.B., Piriyev J.A., Sadayev A.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
On a model of delayed fracture of internal pressure annular domain [PDF]
Isayev A.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Contact problem for elastic piecewise-homogeneous infinite plate with infinite stringer [PDF]
Mammadov Kh.B., Mustafaeva Y.Y.
Abstract [PDF]
Methods of ibm computation of curvilinear columns on large displacements[PDF]
Taheri E.A., Mamedova G.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of free vibrations acoustic medium with cylindrical inclusion containing elastically suspended mass, by the inverse method [PDF]




Aliev Q.Q.
Abstract [PDF]
Distribution of electromagnetic waves to chemically changing environments [PDF]
Jabbarova K.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Boundary control problem for string vibrations equation. II [PDF]
Kengerli T.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Model of joint filtration of two-component liquid [PDF]
Kuliyev H.F., Tagiyev H.T.
Abstract [PDF]
An optimal control problem with nonlocal conditions for wave equation [PDF]
Panakhov G.M., Omrani A.N.
Abstract [PDF]
Quasi-periodic in-situ foaming in processes of selective insulation of high-permeable channels of the porous medium [PDF]
Sharifov Ya.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Necessary optimality conditions of first and second order for systems with boundary conditions [PDF]
Yashar Shakir oglu Salimov [PDF]