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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 34 (2014)

Aliev R.A.


Abstract [PDF]

A-statistical approximation of analytic functions by k-positive operators [PDF]


Aliev S.A., Yeleyko Y.I., Drebot A.Y.


Abstract [PDF]

Limit theorems and transitory phenomena in the renewal equation in random environments [PDF]


Babayev A. M-B.


Abstract [PDF]

Approximation of periodic functions of two variables by trigonometric polynomials [PDF]


Eyvazov E.H.


Abstract [PDF]

On self-adjointness of the two dimensional magnetic Schrodinger operator [PDF]


Guliyev V.S., Rahimova K.R., Omarova M.N.


Abstract [PDF]

Commutators of vector-valued intrinsic square functions on vector-valued generalized Morrey spaces [PDF]


Hasanova A.I.


Abstract [PDF]

Approximate solution of an inverse problem for a semilinear parabolic equation [PDF]


Huseynov H.M., Dostuyev F.Z.


Abstract [PDF]

Asymptotics of eigen numbers of Sturm-Liouville [PDF]


Ismailov M.I


Abstract [PDF]

On some results on stability of bx -atomic decomposition [PDF]


Khalilov E.H.


Abstract [PDF]

Cubic formula for the normal derivative of a double layer acoustic potential [PDF]


Kurbanov V.M, Huseynova Y.I.


Abstract [PDF]

On convergence of spectral expansion of absolutely continuous vector-function in eigen vector-functions of fourth order differential operator [PDF]


Mirzoyev S.S., Bagirova S.M.


Abstract [PDF]

To theory of solvability of fourth order operator differential equations [PDF]


Rahimov F.H., Azizov F.J., Khalilov V.S.


Abstract [PDF]

Integral limit theorem for the first passage time for the level of random walk described by a nonlinear function of the sequence antoregression AR(1) [PDF]


Sultanova E.B.


Abstract [PDF]

To theory of fourth order operator bundles [PDF]




Akhundova P.E.


Abstract [PDF]

On a method for wear reduction of a friction pair hub [PDF]


Akperova S.B.


Abstract [PDF]

Asymptotic behavior of the solution of a torsion problem of a transversally-isotropic cylindrical shell with variable shear modulus [PDF]


Gadjiev V.D., Rzayev N.S.


Abstract [PDF]

Lateral oscillations of a beam made of multi-modulus material lying on inhomogeneous visco-elastic foundation [PDF]


Mamedova M.A., Mamedova H.A.


Abstract [PDF]

Scattered failure of a spherical vessel under cyclic internval pressure [PDF]


Mustafayev A.B.


Abstract [PDF]

The action of temperature field on crack retardation in strip (beam) bending [PDF]




Atakishiyev N.M., Jafarov E.I., Jafarova A.M., Jeugt J.V.


Abstract [PDF]

The Husimi distribution function and superposition of q-harmonic oscillator stationary states [PDF]


Tagiyev R.K., Kasumov R.A.


Abstract [PDF]

A problem of optimal control of coeffcients of a parabolic equation with optimization along the boundary of the domain [PDF]