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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 31 (2011)
Aliev B.A.
Abstract PDF
Asymptotic behavior of eigen values of a boundary value problem for Laplace equation [PDF]
Aliev A.R., Mohamed A.S.
Abstract [PDF]
Completeness of part of eigen and adjoint vectors of a class of fourth order polynomial operator pencils [PDF]
Arazm M.-R. I., Mamedova V.A., Gafarova Z.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On removable sets of solutions of neumann problem for quasilinear elliptic equations of divergent form [PDF]
Asadova O.H., Aliyev N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of a boundary value problem for a higher order equation [PDF]
Bagirov Sh.G.
Abstract [PDF]
On asymptotic properties of solutions of nonlinear elliptic equation[PDF]
Bilalov B.T., Ismailov A.I.
Abstract [PDF]
On Noether property and index formula of a problem [PDF]
Huseynov R.V., Mirzoyev V.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On finite dimensionality of the kernel of elliptic operators given in non-divergent and divergent form [PDF]
Imanov M.H.
Abstract [PDF]
Regularity analysis for nonlinear time optimal control problems subject to state constraints [PDF]
Jamshidipour A.H., Huseynov H.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Scattering data of Sturm-Liouville operator with spectral parameter in discontinuity condition [PDF]
Mamedov E.Sh.
Abstract [PDF]
Renewal of a multi-parametric spectral problem with given eigen values and eigen elements [PDF]
Mamedov O.M., Molkhasi A.
Abstract [PDF]
Some properties of the 4-and 5-majority algebras [PDF]
Mirzoyev S.S., Guliyeva F.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On completeness of the system of eigen and adjoint vectors of quadratic operator bundles [PDF]
Ragimov F.G., Hashimova T.E., Navidi M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
On asymptotic behavior of local probabilities of linear boundary crossing by perturbed random walk [PDF]
Sabzaliev M.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Asypmtotics of the solution of a mixed problem for a quasilinear hyperbolic equation degenerating into parabolic equation [PDF]
Sharifov Y.A., Safari A.R.
Abstract [PDF]
Necessary optimality conditons in the problems of control of Goursat-Darboux systems with integral conditions [PDF]