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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 27 (2007)

Abstract [PDF]
Inverse problems for a system of parabolik equations[PDF]

Aliev A.R.
Abstract [PDF]
On the solvability of the equations containing in the main part the operators of the form-d3 dt3+A3 in the weighted space[PDF]

Aliev R.,Koca K.,Musayev B.
Abstract [PDF]
Approximate solutions of non-linear singular integral equations with Hilbert kernel [PDF]

Aliyev Z.S.
Abstract [PDF]
On basis properties of system of root functions of a fourth order spectral problem with spectral and physical parameters in boundary condition[PDF]

Aslanov G.I.,Gasimova G.N.
Abstract [PDF]
Investigation of resolvent of operator-differential equations on semi-axis[PDF]

Gasymov T.B.,Garayev T.Z.
Abstract [PDF]
On defective bases from the root elements of differential operators containing a spectral parameter in the boundary conditions [PDF]

Hajiyev V.H.
Abstract [PDF]
On generalized n-th order derivative functions square summable on Hilbert space with gauss measure[PDF]

Huseynov H.M.,Osmanova J.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On iost solution of Sturm-Liouville equation with discontinuity conditions[PDF]

Iskenderov B.A.,Mamedov J.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
Behavior of the solution of the Cauchy problem for Barenblatt-Zheltov-Kochina type equation at great values of time

Iskenderova M.B.
Abstract [PDF]
To the problem on multiple summability of expansions in eigen functions of irregular boundary value problems of fourth order[PDF]

Mamedov O.M.
Abstract [PDF]
Some commutator properties of a variety with a weak difference term[PDF]

Mekhtiev A.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Optimal control problem for bar oscillations equation [PDF]

Salimova G.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Solution of a boundary value problem for a partial differential equation or fourth order with not self-adjoint boundary conditions[PDF]

Shahbazov A.I.,Imanquliyev R.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Compact weighted composition operators on the space of holomorphic functions[PDF]

Suleymanov N.A.
Abstract [PDF]
On the existence of an absorbing set for semi-linear pseudohyperbolic equations of higher order [PDF]

Abstract [PDF]
The problems of optimal control by parabolic equations coefficients[PDF]


Aliyev A.A.,Shamiev F.H.


Abstract [PDF]
The carrying capacity of circular plates made of composite material,lying on incompressible fluid[PDF]

Mekhtiyev M.F.
Abstract [PDF]
Non-axially-symmetric problems of elasticity theory for transversally isotropic hollow sphere[PDF]

Najafov M.A.
Abstract [PDF]
Vibration and stability of a conic shell flitter in supersonic gas flow[PDF]

Ramazanov T.K.,Yusifova Sh.Ya.
Abstract [PDF]
Unsteady motion of the liquid in branching pipes [PDF]



Akhmedov N.K
Abstract [PDF]
Analysis of elastic waves propagation in radially laminated cylindrical waveguide[PDF]

Ibrahimov V.R.,Imanova M.N.
Abstract [PDF]
On a new method of solution to Volterra integral equation [PDF]

Imranov F.B.
Abstract [PDF]
On the convergence of a difference scheme approximating non-stationary problem of viscous incompressible liquid motion in closed domain in the presence of temperature distributions[PDF]

Mehdiyeva G.Yu.
Abstract [PDF]
On gradient methods in optimal control problems for nonlocal processes[PDF]