Series of physical-technical & mathematics science

Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 34 (2014)

Agayeva G.A.


On the existence and uniqueness of the generalized solution of a boundary value problem for second order operator-differential equations [PDF]


Aliyev N.A., Fatemi M.R.


Reduction of the spectral problem for an el liptic type equation of first order on a curvilinear strip to Fredholm type second order integral equation [PDF]


Aliev R.A.


On representability of functions analytic on a half plane with respect to own boundary conditions [PDF]


Aliev S.A., Shpak P.R., Yeleyko Ya.I.


Assessment and optimal policies of limit kil led Markov decision process [PDF]


Aliyev Z.S., Guliyeva S.B.


Oscil lation properties of eigen functions of a vibrational boundary value problem [PDF]


Gadirova G.R


Loss of smoothness of solutions of a hyperbolic-parabolic system with singular coefficients [PDF]


Dochviri B., Glonti O., Purtukhia O., Sokhadze G.


Radon-Nikodym derivative of solution of nonlinear equations with random right side and applications [PDF]


Guliyev V.S., Ismayilova A.F.


Marcinkiewicz integral on generalized weighted Morrey spaces [PDF]


Mardanov M.J., Melikov T.K.


Strengthened optimality condition of the first type in discrete systems of control [PDF]


Muradova Sh.A., Hamzayev V.H.


Anisotropic maximal and singular integral operators in anisotropic generalized Morrey [PDF]


Neymatov N.A.


Theorems on interpolation of Besov type spaces [PDF]


Rahimov F.G., Ab durakhmanov V.A., Hashimova T.E.


On the asymptotics of the mean value of the moment of the first level-crossing by the first order autoregression process ( AR(1)) [PDF]


Sabzaliev M.M., Kerimova M.E.


Asymptotics of the solution a rectangle of a boundary value problem for one-characteristic differential equation degenerating into a parabolic equation [PDF]


Shahbazova G.L.


Asymptotic of the number of eigen values of operator-differential equations on a semi-axis [PDF]




Isali B.E., Mamedli R.E., Huseynov O.M.


The stability of non-homogeneous two-layered rectangular plates under compression in anisotropy resisting condition [PDF]


Mustafayev A.B.


The action of local temperature field on retardation of curvilinear crack with regard to plastic deformations [PDF]




Gadiyeva S.S., Gahramanov P.F.


Error estimation using the step of lattice variation [PDF]


Khalilov E.H.


On direct value of the derivative of an acoustic single layer potential [PDF]