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Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

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Volume 37, Issue 7

Free fluctuations of the of the plates suspend in the various ways
by Jafar H. Agalarov, Guldasta A. Mamedova

Analysis of the second boundary value problem of elasticity theory for a small thickness inhomogeneous transwersally-isotropic cone
by Natik K. Akhmedov and Gulnaz H. Shakhverdieva

Determination of hydraulic characteristics of a pipeline for a non-stationary flow of viscous liquids
by Khanlar M. Gamzaev

Strain and elasticity parameters of the medium of the Earth’s depth in izotropic approximation
by Hatam H. Guliyev, Rashid J. Javanshir and Guler H. Hasanova

On the influence of the “short- and open-circuit” conditions on stability loss of the PZT/Metal/PZT sandwich circular plate-disc condition
by Fazile I. Jafarova

Limit state of a cylindrical shell under the action of nonuniform external pressure
by Magomed F. Mekhtiyev, Nina I. Fomina, Laura F. Fatullayeva

Perturbations in stratified flow of viscous liquids
by Faik B. Nagiyev and Aynur I. Khudiyeva

The study of internal exposure on the fluid hydrodynamics
by Geylani M. Panahov, Parviz T. Museibli

A finite length rectangular bar under the action of axial impact forces
by Nazila B. Rasulova

To the problem of a number of creaks in composite materials with periodically curved layers
by Alizade I. Seyfullayev

Gassy fluid flow in elastic-plastic deformable medium
by Azizaga Kh. Shakhverdiev, Geylani M. Panakhov, Eldar M. Abbasov, Yusif M. Sevdimaliyev

Determination of vibrations frequencies of a rectangular orthotropic plate with curved structures
by Tamilla Yu. Zeynalova