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Volume 36, Issue 7

Studying the problem of torsion of a spherical shell with variable shear module
by Natik K. Akhmedov and Natavan S. Gasanova

On approximate solution of viscous fluid motion equations
by Polad F. Gahramanov and Gunay G. Bagirova

Analysis of the physical parameters of the Earth’s inner core within the mechanics of the deformable body
by Hatam H. Guliyev

Stability of inhomogeneous nano-micro beams of Euler-Bernoulli based on nonlocal elasticity theory of Eringen K.A.
by Fahreddin K. Isayev, Vugar G. Rajabov and Orhan Y. Efendiyev

On some particularities of the influence of the fluid viscosity on the frequency response of a viscoelastic plate loaded with this fluid
by Meftun I. Ismailov and Sahib A. Aliyev

Stability loss of the PZT/Metal/PZT sandwich circular plate-disc under “open–circuit” condition
by Fazile I. Jafarova and Orujali A. Rzayev

Solution of contact problem for a plane weakened by a variable width slot
by Vagif M. Mirsalimov

Wall effects under non-Newtonian fluid flow in a circular pipe
by Geylani M. Panahov, Eldar M. Abbasov, Parviz T. Museibli and Nigar N. Abbasova

Physical nonlinear elastic deformations of smooth ring
by Ismayil R.Sadigov

Determination of the damping coefficients of the orthotropic solid based on the combination finite element method and genetic algorithm
by Arkadiy N. Soloviev and Mikhail Y. Shevtsov

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