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Volume 35, Issue 7

An integrate model for the liquid filtration process and layer-well dynamic relation in the horizontal wells
by Elxan M. Abbasov, Farman I. Mamedov

Analysis of torsional vibrations of radially non-homogeneous cylinder
by Natik K. Ahmedov, Azada A. Mehdiyeva

Pulsating flow of two-phase viscous bubbly fluid in an elastic semi-infinite cylindrical tapering tube
by Rafael Yu. Amenzadeh, Geylani M. Panahov, Eldar M. Abbasov, Parviz T. Museibli

Behavior of rotating cylinder under thermomechanical loadings
by Allahverdi B. Gasanov

Generalized quasiplane strain state for linear-elastic bodies
by Alesger S. Gulgezli, Asif I. Zeynalov

Dynamics of the moving load acting on a metal elastic plate under compressible viscous fluid loading
by Maftun I. Ismailov

Study of vibrations of stiffened skin orthotropic cylindrical shell filled with viscous fluid
by Fuad S. Latifov, Konul A. Novruzova

Methods of system analysis in problems of navigation
by Faik B. Nagiyev, Zamiq O. Ismayilov, Gulshan A. Akhundova

A method for solving dynamic problems for cylindrical domains
by Nazila B. Rassoulova, Gulnar R. Mirzoyeva

On the dynamics of the oscillating moving load acting on the restrained belayed slab resting on a rigid foundation
by Kamala A. Salmanova

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